From the play Julius Caesar, imagine you are Antony after the death of Julius Caesar. Write your feelings and your future plans.please answer this question as soon as possible and i will be very...

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Oh, Caesar, I will not rest until your blood is avenged. My heart breaks because of your death. I will go to my grave seeking revenge. Those conspirators, who claimed to be your friends, will see an end to their evil lives. I will make sure each one is paid in full for taking your life. 

Oh, noble Brutus, you will pay for your deadly attack. To stab your friend is to say how little you loved O mighty Caesar. How could you stab one you claimed to have loved? Thank God you did not love me as much. Otherwise, I would lie in the grave next to you dear Caesar.

Of all the conspirators, Cassius is the most evil. His lips dripped with danger in every word he spoke. He had nothing but contempt and jealousy in his heart. Oh dearest Caesar, I will personally repay Cassius myself. For every wound, I will repay double. He will not escape. It is my promise to you dearest Caesar.

May you rest in peace my dear friend. I will miss you. I weep for you as I write these words. I grieve openly for I cannot contain my grief. No, not one conspirator will survive. I give you my word. I will tend to the conspirators as they have tended to you dear Caesar.

Also, I will take care of Calpurnia. She will be sheltered and cared for as if you were here to take care of her. She is beside herself with grief. I will comfort her with the love I have for you. She will be protected. 

Ah, I cannot contain my tears. I cry for you my dear firend. My heart burst with grief. I shall avenge every drop of your precious blood shed. 


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Sorry i meant to ask you to elaborate over the future plans of Antony to harm the conspirators/seek revenge...

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I will try as much as I can to help the poor and support them as much as possible ... I will always remember my loyal friend Caesar and I mention him in every speech , I could also make something like a statue to make the people remember him for good...


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