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What would be in a character sketch of a settler in Upper Canada in the early 1800s?...

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What would be in a character sketch of a settler in Upper Canada in the early 1800s?


Imagine that you were a settler in Upper Canada in the early nineteenth century. Put yourself in the place of one of those settlers.

Decide on your:

  • social class

  • sex

  • race

  • age

Give yourself a name that might have been in common use at the time.

Write a first-person account of your experiences as a settler, either as a diary entry or as a letter home to a friend or a relative back in Great Britain. it should be no longer than 200 words.

Include this information:

  • Why did you immigrate to the colonies?

  • What was your departure from your homeland like? How was the voyage across the Atlantic and what were the conditions on the boat?

  • What was your arrival in the colonies like? How did you feel? Was it different from what you expected?

  • What transportation did you use to get to your new home?

  • Did you come to the colonies for the land or for a job?

  • Was it what you'd been led to believe it would be? What obstacles did you face?

  • What was your first winter like?

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A brief character sketch of Upper Canadian settlers in the nineteenth century (1800s) would be varied yet be somewhat similar between each settler. All settlers were Western European. Some were from England, France, Scotland, Germany and Italy. Some were from the American colonies as some of those colonists moved further north, yet these were mostly from England originally. Most settlers lived in towns by the 1800s rather than on isolated farms. Some had unpopular or little known religions they wanted to practice, yet all religions of immigrants in the 1800s were in the Christian religion.

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