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i'm writing a research paper and this is my assigned topic "Civil Rights Defenders for...

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i'm writing a research paper and this is my assigned topic "Civil Rights Defenders for Blacks:  Atticus Finch". Can guide me or give me some ideas for good and srtong research questions that will eventually lead to a good research paper? i came up with a few:

-Were all civil rights defenders fair to the blacks?

-Were all civil rights defenders white?

-How can "putting yourself in someone else's shoe" make you a bias civil right defender or judge?

 i don't think they're strong enough or will lead to an intersting paper though

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If you have to write a paper about Atticus Finch, you may use the following thesis statement:

Thesis: Defenders of blacks have not always been black, as does Atticus Finch prove in To Kill a Mockingbird.  

With this thesis statement, you could write about Atticus Finch and his defense of Tom Robinson. 

Another thesis statement is as follows:

Thesis: Defenders of blacks include different people from different races.

With this thesis, you could include the various defenders of blacks who represent all races or various races. Atticus Finch could be one of your examples.

At the same time, you could research defenders of blacks who are white.

Thesis: Many defenders of blacks are from the white race, including the fictional lawyer Atticus Finch who represented Tom Robinson as an innocent black man who was accused of raping a white woman.

There are various ways to include white people who are considered defenders of blacks. You could also research nonfictional white people who have defended black people. 

You might want to include research about white people who defended black people during the Civil Rights Movements. At the same time, you may want to include a variety of people from a variety of races who have defended black people. 


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