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What title could I give my paper on video game violence?   I'm writing a research...

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What title could I give my paper on video game violence?  

I'm writing a research paper for my English class that's based on something that has changed in recent years that has had either a positive or negative impact on society. My topic is how video games have incorporated more violence in recent years which has created a negative effect on society. I am having trouble coming up with a good title for this paper. Any ideas?

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There are at least two different ways that you could go about this.  On the one hand, you can go with a serious title that simply tries to get your point across.  For example, you could call your paper “The Adverse Effects of Video Game Violence on Society.”  You could do the same thing except with your title being a little more understandable and less academic.  In that case, you could try “How Video Game Violence has Harmed our Society.”

The other option is to try to be clever.  I am not overly familiar with the names of violent video games, but you might try something like “They Don’t Deserve a HALO: The Negative Effects of Video Games.”  Or you could try “Fast, Furious, and Harmful: How Video Game Violence Harms our Society.”

I imagine you can think of more like that since you probably know more violent video game titles than I do.

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