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I'm writing a paper where the task is to pick an area of society that has changed...

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I'm writing a paper where the task is to pick an area of society that has changed significantly in recent years and formulate an argument around that element of change. What would be a good topic and thesis statement that I could do for this paper?

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There are a large number of aspects of society that could make for good papers.  Your choice really ought to reflect whatever your personal interests are.  You will write a better paper if you are interested in the area of society that you are writing about.

One area of society that interests me very much is sex roles.  In the past few decades, sex roles have changed in many ways but have not changed as much as some would like.  We have many more women having careers in good jobs today.  We have a much broader view of what things are appropriate for women to do.  We are more willing to think that it is acceptable for men to help with things like taking care of children. 

If you are interested in this sort of area, you can write a thesis in which you argue that these changes are good for society, bad for society, or that their impacts are mixed.  For example, you could say “ The changes in sex roles that have occurred over the last few decades have made American society more just, but have also brought about some problems that did not previously exist.”

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