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What would be a good thesis for an essay on The Hunger Games?my essay topic: What...

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What would be a good thesis for an essay on The Hunger Games?

my essay topic:

What commentary about society do you think
Suzanne Collins might be trying to communicate to readers through the novel? Do you agree with her view of society. Explain your answer by using details both from life and from the novel.

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A thesis statement should be a clear and direct response to the prompt.  It should tell the reader what you are writing to prove in one succinct sentence.    In this case, there are two questions: what is the author trying to say about society, and do you agree?  Your thesis statement needs to address both of these parts.

Let’s take the first part to start with.  The book is about a dystopian society where the Capital controls everyone but requiring 2 children from each district to complete in an annual Hunger Games.  One thing this suggests about society is the strong take advantage of the weak. 

One by one, we see the other reapings, the names called, the volunteers stepping forward, or, more often, not. (p. 45)

Can you find examples of this in our society?  One example might be the number of homeless people.  We do not do anything for them.  So your thesis may begin.

In The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins creates a commentary on our society by reminding us that the strong take advantage of the weak.

Some examples of this from the book are the killing of the weak kids in the Hunger Games, and the use of the Hunger Games to control weak districts.

Now you have to add whether or not you agree.  Let’s us our homeless person as an example.

I agree with this statement, because there are many homeless people in our society that are not taken care of.

Once you combine those two, you have a thesis and a direction for your essay.  Now you just need to provide textual support for each part.


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