i'm 5'6" at 17 and i'm a girl. can i get to 5'9" by the time i turn 18?is there any way i can grow three inches? Please help?


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Growth patterns are different for every individual, so it's impossible to answer your question authoritatively without knowing your past growth history. Your nutritional and medical history would also have an impact, as would how tall your parents and other family members are. However, the general pattern of growth for girls in the United States suggests that you are probably not going to add another three inches to your height in the next year.

Statistically, most girls reach their physical maturity and full height at approximately the age of 15. In the United States, the average height of a 20-year old woman during the years 2003-2006 ranged from 5'2 1/2" to 5'5", so you are past the age at which most girls stop getting taller, and you are already slightly taller than average for the female population.


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bones stop fusing completely by 23 

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so u can and cannot ...coz depend on person ......n if u do u wont be able to bring about a remarkable change....

5"6 is good..arent u satisfied with it???

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