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Identify and describe three stakeholder organizations or agencies that contribute to...

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Identify and describe three stakeholder organizations or agencies that contribute to quality oversight within health care organizations in a substantial way.  Include at least one goverment and one non-goverment that focuses on quality of care within the health care field.

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We are asked to talk about three stakeholder agencies that help oversee quality control in health care organizations.  Two of the ones below are government organizations and one is private.

State licensing boards are government organizations at the state level that permit healthcare providers like doctors to work in their states.  There is no federal licensing agency; it is done entirely at the state level.  In order to practice medicine in a given state, the doctor must take a series of comprehensive exams and his or her academic and personal records are thoroughly reviewed.  Once licensed, the healthcare provider must take continuing education training on a regular basis to maintain his or her license.

State and county departments of public health must inspect hospitals and healthcare provider's offices to make sure that they are consistent with all state and county health codes and practices.  If complaints are filed from patients, these agencies look into the situation to try to rectify any problems.  Serious violations can result in a healthcare business being shut down.

Finally, independent auditing agencies help with overseeing heathcare providers and quality of care and practices.  These auditing businesses are private and not part of the government at the state or federal level.  As an example, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the government agency responsible for the operation of those two government programs.  But they outsource the work to these private contracting companies to audit healthcare businesses to make sure that they are being run properly and are not engaged in illegal or fraudulent activity.

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