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Identify a behavior that would be considered deviant by society. In 5 pages I will be...

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Identify a behavior that would be considered deviant by society. 

In 5 pages I will be addressing the following:

consider the concept of deviance. how do sociologists view the concept of deviance? research and identify a behavior that would be considered deviance. how did this behavior violate the standards of conduct or expectations of a group or society? dose society define deviance.

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Because it has been so prevalent in the news lately, I'm going to suggest bullying as a deviant behavior.  It's clearly researchable over time, and it's clearly a practice we (society) has not yet found a way to curtail. 

Bullying is a deviant behavior because it breaks the rules of decency and civility.  It assumes one person (or one group of people) is superior to another and is therefore allowed to torment and abuse the "lesser" person or group.  Bullying reflects a lack of self-confidence and a plethora of insecurities.  The fact that peers (adults all the way down to young children) stand by and watch make it a pseudo-acceptable behavior, and their passive participation is another kind of deviant behavior altogether.  Plenty of fodder for interesting research.  Bullying is clearly a deviance from the accepted rules of civility and human decency.

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Of course, key to the whole discussion of deviance and what is considered behaviour that is not acceptable by society at large is how these types of behaviour change between cultures and over time. You would do well to consider how behaviours such as abortion and homosexuality and even drinking alcohol in the past have been considered as "deviant" through some periods of history, and still are in some parts of the world, depending on where you go, yet now in the States are not necessarily considered deviant behaviour in the same kind of way. This is because deviance is "sociologically constructed" - it is dictated by the given society or culture of the time.

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I will consider drugs. Drugs are considered deviant because they are not only illegal but also societally acceptable. We associate them with people on the fringes of society. They generally also engage in other high-risk behaviors that are also considered socially deviant.

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