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Ideas for a creative speech on the topic "change." Keep in mind to use the...

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Ideas for a creative speech on the topic "change." Keep in mind to use the image of a train station

If anyone can build up on this idea or make it better:

A rich girl arrogant and selfish, is on a train trip for a holiday. After reaching her destination, she comes past an affected area by mistake, where people are living in poverty she reflects on her rich posh life, and changes her attitude towards life, relising how valuable life really is, and how other people are dying everyday.


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Work on the central metaphor:  life is a train ride, with “stations” along the way.  Maybe one of those stations could be a poor town, and that is where the heroine has her epiphany, instead of at her destination.  Maybe some poor people get on the train here and interact with her.  A train station is like a temporary stop in her otherwise easy “trip” through life.  In some countries (Russia is an example), poor itinerant vendors of food and flowers get on a train at one station, sell their goods to passengers, then get off at the next station, and then return – this is how they spend their entire life.  This could serve as a motif for the girl’s life of spending, keeping up with the latest fashions, etc.  Good luck!

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You've got a very good story going now. By "motif" I meant a protracted metaphor: life is a series of opportunities to define yourself, just as each station gives your heroine an opportunity to come out of her comfort zone and contact the world below her status.

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