Which of the following triangular prisms have the same volume, to the nearest cubic metre?Question #7 on the Sample Test here:...

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alright. for this problems our main focus is to be familiarized with the linear equation.

1. y-3 = 2/5 (x+1)    we can see that the ordered pair is (-1,3)

                           plot it to the graph and make a rise over run of 2/5

                           by doing that you can trail the answer to point A.

2. y = 1/3x + 7   get the y intercept (0, 7) plot it and make a 1/3 rise over run...    letter C.


3. try tracing it our by a ruler and see which point passes along. you will see that it is (4,5) D.


4. doping a line using a slope 1/5 you can trace a point (0, -11) which is the yu intercept .B.


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