In this satirical piece, what are some pieces of evidence to write an essay?The text is here I wanted to include the sarcastic tone and fabricated terms. How could...

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The evidence you will use from this essay will be evidence that supports your thesis statement.  I do not know what other points you wanted to make or what your primary assertion is, but here is one possible kind of thesis statement for your essay:

"My Fun" satirizes the beauty pageant industry for young children, using exaggeration, a mocking of beauty products, and a critique of parenting to make its point, that this industry is harming our children. 

Now, for evidence, you must pull out the elements that support each of those points.  For example, there is clear exaggeration (I hope) in the notion that a little girl would be smoking cigarettes.  The names of the products that this child uses are clearly making fun of beauty products in general, and quoting one of these would be evidence of that.  The father's comment on baby fat is an example that shows how parents contribute to the harm this industry does. 

Whatever points you wish to make in your thesis statement, write a paragraph for each point, in the order in which you present them in your thesis statement, always using the text to support whatever point you are making. 

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