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How to write editorial for an annaual college magazine?i am in my high school 13th...

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How to write editorial for an annaual college magazine?

i am in my high school 13th standard and i have to write an editorial for my college annual magazine. my college is a goernment college yet it has all the facilitites.its been just an year that i have been to the college and my one year is remaining can somebody help me regarding how shall i start with editorial since i havent done it before.i have been writing articles regarding current affairs,beauty tips and health as well please help me so that i can write an editorial and send it to my teacher for editing it thanks

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An editorial, whether it is for a college magazine or any other kind of magazine, is a commentary that is based upon the writer's opinion, not an article that reports facts. 

I am wondering whether your primary difficulty is in knowing what to write about, so I have a few suggestions for you.  First, you might want to write a commentary on education in general or education at your college, how it is good and how it might be improved, for example.  You might write an editorial that is based upon the contents of the magazine, a kind of summing of of the kinds of articles and photos and how they represent the best of your college. Often, college magazines have a theme, and that would certainly be a good topic for your editorial.  Another topic for an editorial could be a commentary on the challenges facing today's college graduate or even today's college student.  Still another idea might be a commentary on how not enough graduates enter public service professions, and all countries need more graduates doing that.

Once you choose the topic you want to write about, the editorial should be constructed like any other essay. You will need an introductory paragraph, stating the thesis you want to support.  You will need body paragraphs that offer evidence that supports the thesis.  And finally, you will need a concluding paragraph that sums it all up. 

Since even college magazines are sometimes subject to censorship, it would be a good idea for you to discuss your topic with your teacher, explaining what your commentary will be on that topic, before you begin to work on the editorial. 

I hope this is helpful to you.  Good luck! 

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