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How would you write a good thesis for this topic?so for my ISU i am reading things fall...

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How would you write a good thesis for this topic?

so for my ISU i am reading things fall apart and i need help writing the thesis. my essat is about masculinity and how the author uses rhetorical devices, characterization and conflicts effectively to show how okonkwo is motivated by power and how being a man means so much to him. 

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You have essentially stated your thesis above, it just needs a bit of reworking so that it reads correctly. A thesis statement should generally be a single sentence of purpose with three supporting details which you will use to prove the argument. These three items will be developed over the course of the paper. You will need to use evidence from the text to clearly explain how conflicts, characterization, and rhetorical devices all point directly to the importance of manhood and masculinity for Okonkwo. Try the arrangement below:

In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, the importance of masculinity and power to Okonkwo is clarified effectively by his characterization, the use of multiple rhetorical devices, and the conflicts in which he engages.

For the purpose of your paper, make sure to structure the three supporting points in the order you will argue them. They can be fairly easily rearranged from here.



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