How would you punish a corporate executive whose product killed someone? Would your answer change if the executive knew well in advance that the product was flawed and seriously dangerous to the...

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Corporate executives, who are the face of the company, must be held accountable for the safety of their products so as not to cause harm or injury to the general public. For example, if a corporate executive knew there was a danger that could cause harm to the public, and yet did nothing to remedy the defect or potential defect, that executive should be required to face both civil lawsuit penalties as well as criminal penalties if the product did indeed cause harm to someone.

An excellent example is the recent legal troubles that Volkswagen is facing both here in the US as well as overseas. In this instance, all of the top corporate officers and executives knew for many years that one of the cars produced by the company was defective and could result in serious injury to the public and yet did nothing about it. It wasn't until the US Government as well as the German Government conducted an investigation that civil and criminal charges were brought against the Volkswagen Company as well as against the top corporate officers.

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