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How would you describe the relationship between Stanley and Stella? I personally feel...

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How would you describe the relationship between Stanley and Stella? I personally feel that it is a typical abusive partnership.

After reading the book, I came to the conclusion that theirs was an abusive partnership; but I feel that there are other perspectives which I would greatly appreciate.

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Stanley is obviously a tough and brutal type of man, but he does not become abusive until Blanche moves in with them and begins to turn Stella against her husband. This is the crux of the entire play. Stella and Stanley love each other but Blanche intrudes into their lives and tries to make Stella see Stanley as a crude, lower-class, uneducated type who is beneath her and unworthy of her. Stella loves Stanley because he is big and strong and masculine, among other things, probably a very good lover. He loves her because she is soft and gentle and because she is having his baby. They are certainly different types, but opposites very often attract. Stanley is uncouth and uneducated, but he is not stupid. Blanche grossly underestimates him, which leads to her downfall. The motion picture version of Tennessee Williams' play, which stars Marlon Brando and Vivian Leigh, is marvelous.


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actually in the book eunice says that if stanley continues to yell he'll get the law him like he did last time which implies that his abusive behaviour towards stella did not begin when blanche moved in, plus stella herself said that when they first moved in he smashed all their light bulbs with her slipper. but thanks for the answer

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