How would you describe Montag and Mildred's relationship?Like what words would you use if you were describing their marrige..

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I would describe Mildred and Montag's relationship as platonic. They hardly know each other, and are not in love with each other. Mildred's focus is on the "parlor family" and does not focus on Montag. When Montag asks her if she remembers where they met, she brushes it off, and cannot give him an answer. She doesn't feel as though it is an important part of their relationship. They sleep in separate twin beds in the same room, but do not really communicate with each other. They talk to each other, but there is no deep communication as there is when Montag meets Clarisse. It is also very evident that Mildred only cares for herself when she sounds the alarm on her own husband for having books in the house and reading poetry to her and her friends. 

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