How would you describe the author's tone in The Hunger Games?

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The author's tone in "The Hunger Games" is almost as chaotic as the story itself.  The text itself is written from a first-person point-of-view and this particular narration allows readers to see exactly what the protagonist (Katniss) thinks, sees, and believes.  Therefore, the tone of the text changes as Katniss changes.  At times, the tone is strong, willful, and promising. At other times, the tone is fearful, angry, and scrutinizing.  Both the tone and Katniss change as the story line changes.  Readers can find themselves anxious, angered, enamored, and strengthened in the same ways that Katniss does- this all because of the tone set in the novel.

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In my opinion, the author's tone in The Hunger Games is one of cynicism and strength.  Katniss, the protagonist of this novel, is faced with undeniably difficult challenges throughout her life.  Because of the harshness of her reality, Katniss tends to expect nothing to come easily; she does not anticipate being helped by anyone and questions the motives of all of those around her.

Despite the difficult situations comprising her life, Katniss exhibits an astounding amount of strength, both inner and outer.  She does not crumble under the stresses of providing for her family or the terrors of competition in the Hunger Games' arena.  Katniss fights her way through to the end, sometimes relying on her anger to provide the fuel for her actions.

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