How would we gradually piece together the fact that Mrs. Peters is the sheriff's wife?If we were watching a prodduction of Trifles and had no cast list... Im confused about this question.. also...

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In Trifles, Mrs. Peters has the duty of taking in some things to Mrs. Wright at the jail.  In earlier America, the responsibility of female prisoners in a jail often fell to a sheriff's wife.  Also, Mrs. Peters tells Mrs. Hale that the men are doing no more than their duty when Mrs. Hale becomes slightly critical of the way the men are talking about Mrs. Wright.

Of course, toward the end of the play the script actually refers to Mrs. Peters as being "married to the law".  At that point, her position is very obvious.  When asked if Mrs. Peters has ever thought of herself as married to the law, she replies that she has never thought of it quite that way.

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