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How will interesting pathways and obstacles be created in the space? Consider the use...

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How will interesting pathways and obstacles be created in the space? Consider the use of different levels and curtain formations in your design?

This is a drama class assigment. We just did a play and we have to answer some of the questions our teacher provided for us and I don't get this question. I asked my teacher to explain it to me and she won't do it. The play my group and I did is The Bagel Club if that helps anyone answering my question.

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Since I did not witness your production of The Bagel Club,  I can’t answer this question for you.  I can however explain what your teacher meant, and give you some examples that might work as an answer, even if you didn’t specifically use it in your production.

It sounds like your teacher is trying to get you to analyze how you set up the stage space for your performance.  Sometimes the spoken dialogue in a play can be made more interesting and active, if the actor is moving along a pathway as she speaks here lines.  She could walk behind an object and then peek out from behind it.  She could walk from one side of the stage to another interacting with props as she goes.  I think this is what your teacher means by obstacles.  Ask yourself if any of the actors in your play interacted with props in this way while performing their dialogue.  This is what your teacher wants you to describe when answering this question.

It sounds like you had some sort of scaffold or platform to use to indicate different levels in the production.  If you used this type of prop to suggest an actor was on a second story, at the top of a stair case, or on a balcony, you should talk about it when answering this question.

Curtain formations were also mentioned in the question.  Was there a time in your production where an actor had to emerge from behind a certain curtain or enter from back stage instead of the front?  This is what your teacher wants you to talk about in your answer.

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