How and where did the Ottoman Empire expand between between 1450-1750?



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The expansion of the Ottoman Empire began soon after 1450.  In 1453, the Ottomans took Constantinople, which gave them control over what had been the Byzantine Empire.  This gave the Ottomans control of much of the Balkans.  After that, the next big expansion was in the 1510s.  During that time, the Ottomans took Egypt, Mesopotamia and Arabia.  This gave them control over the Muslim heartland and the holy sites of Islam.  They lated gained more of the north coast of Africa, getting almost all the way to the Straits of Gibraltar.  Finally, they managed to push up into Central Europe, getting as far as Vienna before being pushed back.  This meant that they were able to control most of Hungary and part of Austria for a time.  All of this expansion was done by military conquest.

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