How was the public reaction, when the novel "Lord of the Flies" was published the first time?

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William Golding wrote "Lord of The Flies."  It was rejected by over 20 publishers before, in 1954, it was finally published.  The story made very little impact in sales, but the novel has always created debate.  Many people didn't like the terrible portrayal of human nature, some people felt the book was too violent.  As far as outright sales were concerend the book just didn't sell many copies.  According to research here on ENotes:

"Four years later (1959), however, when a paperback edition appeared, Golding’s sales, promoted by word of mouth, began to increase. Not long afterward, Lord of the Flies became required reading in many secondary schools and colleges, prompting interest in his subsequent work. In 1983, Golding received the Nobel Prize in Literature."

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