How are things "rough all over" in chapter 7 of The Outsiders?


The Outsiders

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As Cherry Valance pointed out to Ponyboy earlier in the novel, "things are rough all over" and continue to be so in chapter seven.  Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry all worry over the possibility of the younger brothers being put in a boys' home, and all of the gang frets over Johnny's worsening condition in the hospital.  Meanwhile, the Socs have their own set of concerns to handle, mostly stemming from the tragedy of Bob's death.  Bob's best friend, Randy, confides in Ponyboy that he no longer believes that fighting does any good.  He mourns the loss of his best friend and has come to realize that the outcome of the rumble has little power to change the greasers' social circumstances.  All of the characters, whether greaser or Soc, struggle with the seriousness of the recent events: Bob's death, Johnny's accident, and the upcoming rumble.


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