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How is their realism in this book? If there is realism, what lines in the book show...

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How is their realism in this book?

If there is realism, what lines in the book show it?

I'm trying to write an essay on Victorian era literature and my trend is Literary Realism...

I don't see how this book has anything to symbolize the industrialization or anything really from the victorian era.


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Realism in English literature equals to Victorian era. Many authors in Victorian era (Bronte sisters for example) used fantastic elements in their works and they still belong to realism. Alice is Wonderland is certainly not what pops into one's mind when one thinks about realistic literature but it nevertheless belongs there.

In fact, Lewis Carrol does show England of his time and the political reality of life. For instance the brutality of queen of hearts can represent government that doesn't care about its people. There are some serious issues in the book if you look at it more carefully.

I've put links for a few articles that you may find helpful.








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