How to solve the following: 4a/15 = 3/5  

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We need to solve the equation "4a/15 = 3/5"

This equation can be rewritten as:

a*(4/15) = 3/5

To make the left hand side of the equation equal to a we multiply bot side of equation by 15/4. Giving

a*(4/15)*(15/4) = (3/5)*(15/4)

We simplify this equation in following steps.

a*(4*15)/(15*4) = (3*15)/5*4)

a*(60/60) = 45/20

a = 9/4 = 2.25


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4a/15 = 3/5

a like x is the unknown variable here, therefore we can solve this by isolating a,

4a/15 = 3/5

4a/15 * 15 = 3/5 * 15                   (multiply both sides by 15)

4a = 9

4a/4 = 9/4                                    (divide both sides by 4)

a = 9/4

a = 2.25 Answer

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4a/15 = 3/5 so to get rid of the denominators multiply both sides by 15

4a=9        then divide both sides by 4

a=9/4 or a=2.25 is your answer

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4a/15 = 3/5

To solve this, first we should do cross multiplying ( multiply 4a with 5 and 15 with 3 )

By cross multiplying, your equation should look like

20a = 45 now divide both sides by 20

By dividing, your equation should be

a = 45/20 simplify

a = 9/4 which is your answer

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Cross multiply


Once you cross multiply; 4a(5)=15(3)



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`4a/15 = 3/5`

cross multiply




divide by 20

`(20a)/20 = 45/20`

a= 45/20

this can be simplified into 9/4

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This is how I would do it




a=2.25   or  a= 2 1/4

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To solve this question, the most important part is to know that 'a' is what you have to find.

In this quetion, it is easy to see what 'a' is because 15 is a multiple of 5. If you mutiply 5 by 3, you will get 15! This is what the two denominators are. So, you have to do the same thing to the numeratorl you have to multiply 3. 3x3 is 9, and that is equal to 4a.

To put it neatly, it is:


4a/15=9/15 (At this stage, you don't have to be concerned of the denominators because they are equal)




This can be said because with the demonimators equal, the numerators have to be equal as well.

So, in doing these sorts of questions, you have to make the denominators of both sides equal, and then solve the variable.

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given that,


we may written as






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To solve 4a/15 = 3/5.


4a/15 =3/5. Multiply by 15 both sides :

15*4a/15= 3*15/5 Or

4a = 9. Divide by 4 both sides:

a = 9/4 = 2.25



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