How is revenge portrayed in Macbeth, except for Macduff?



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Banquo gets his revenge when his ghost shows up at the banquet and causes Macbeth to rant and rave in front of his guests.

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Of course Macduff is the character one thinks of when considering revenge in Macbeth.  But I thought of Malcolm, too - only as the antithesis of revenge.  Malcolm, whose father, King Duncan, was murdered by Macbeth, seems like he should be seeking revenge for his father's death, but he is not portrayed like that.  Instead, Malcolm is portrayed as the savior of Scotland - the one whose primary goal in life is to save his country from desolation and evil under the reign of Macbeth.

Check the link below for his character analysis from eNotes.  Good luck!

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Revenge is also portrayed in Macbeth by the witches getting back at the sailor's wife for not sharing her chestnuts.

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