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How repetitive motion injury can be reduced through product design, Process engineering...

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How repetitive motion injury can be reduced through product design, Process engineering workstation design and use of appropriate hand tools? Explain.

My question is related Ergonomics - with Repetitive Motion Injury

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The best way I can explain this is the way that I was taught through OSHA required training. When a specialist evaluates a work site, he looks for specific things that can lead to injury of his workers. One of the things to look at is how certain motions are repeated on a job.

A good example is the way that highway workers place the large orange barrels that are used as road markers. The men stand on a truck bed and jump off every few yards, lay a barrel, and then climb back into the truck bed. By having a man roll a specially designed dolly and two workers lifting the barrel and placing it, the pressure on the arms and knee caps are reduced as well as the repeated pressure on the worker's feet. The barrels are very heavy and require repeated lifting.

Workers are sitting behind a desk typing on the computer. It was noticed years ago that typists were having shoulder problems. Analysts went into the company and did a motion study. They realized that at a certain height during the typing process the person's shoulders had to be repeatedly held up in order to type the memos.

In order to prevent the repeated lifting motion, the people were placed in elevated chairs that allowed their elbows to fall around waist height. Incidences of shoulder problems began to decrease. The range of motion to the shoulder joint had changed.

Engineers took that situation one step further and designed the computer chairs that we use today that raise up and down in height.

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