How to relate Bartleby the Scrivener fiction with Conformity and Rebellion theme?Are there set rules or some external forces that regulate our lives all the time, as per the majority demands, even...

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This isn't much which will be helpful for a research thesis, but it's clear that Bartleby "prefers not to" conform, which is clearly a form of rebellion. The big question, of course, is why he chooses this path of passive-aggressive behavior. Clearly his job is unfulfilling and dissatisfying, and this lack of inspiration--the inability to be creative or to be inspired--is what motivates his rebellious lack of conformity. Ultimately it kills him, so it's probably deep-seated in a way these terms are rarely used.
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I haven't read the whole story but i know that it is based on some conformity and rebellion theme, so, i just need some reviews or ideas to built my research paper thesis.

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