How often can adolescent experiences shape one's reaction to culture and values inherent in that culture?Life's turning points, in the form of ritual, physical and or emotional are often...

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There is plenty of research to indicate that the perceptions of consciousness formed during adolescence help to shape one's lasting impressions of cultures and values.  The research takes the form of anecdotal narratives and quantitative based studies.  There is much in way of truth to both expressions.  At the time of adolescence, children emerge into young adults in how they see the world, the people in it, the values that comprise it, and themselves.  Due to the fact that consciousness is divided, in a manner of speaking, between external perception and its reflection upon self, there is always a reflexive aspect to being in the world.  Adolescents end up viewing everything through the lens of themselves and the external, creating values and impressions about everything.  No doubt as one ages, changes happen because human consciousness is far from static and plastic.  Rather, it is lively and dynamic.  Yet, the impressions understood through adolescence either help to solidify these elements or serve as a reference point as to how far an individual has moved from originally held beliefs.

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