How much solid glucose (measured in g) would you add to 1L of water to make a .5M solution?

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We have to start with the concentration of the needed and volume of the solution in order to get the desired amount in moles.

`Molarity = (mol es solute)/(Liters of solution)`

`Mol es solute = (Molarity)*(Liters of solution)`

`Mol es solute = (0.5)*(1)`

`Mol es solute = 0.5 mol es Glucose`


We know that :

`mol es = (mass o f s ubstance)/(molar mass o f su bstance)`

`mol es = (mass of glucose)/(molar mass of glucose)`

`mass of glucose = (mol es)*(molar mass of glucose)`

`mass of glucose = (0.5)*(180.16)`

mass of glucose = 90 grams of glucose* -> answer


*Molar mass of glucose, `C_6H_12O_6` = 180.16 g/mol


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