How might someone like annemarie apply this skill to a career??some people like annemarie are good at understanding how other people think and feel and than using this information to deal with ...

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The skill of being able to interpret people's thoughts and feelings and using the information effectively is the mark of most professionals and people who are good at working with the public.  In retail sales or customer service it helps tremendously to be able to better understand a customer's needs or desires as well as how they might respond to different sale's  techniques.

In the medical field the skills would help a person make a better holistic diagnosis of a patient.  Anne Marie could use her skills to provide comfort to a worried patient and to obtain information that someone may not be conscious of the need to reveal.

Anne Marie could be a refugee worker who would be able to help other Jewish people following their release from the concentration camps.  The ordeal in the camps left the inmates with Post Traumatic Stress disorder.  Anne Marie could help them to begin the stage of regaining trust which was destroyed by the Nazi's.

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