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In the following scenario, how might the company maintain customer satisfaction while...

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In the following scenario, how might the company maintain customer satisfaction while not bogging Peter down with so many customers?

Peter is a brand new team leader for a stored. His responsibilities include managing the front lanes, guest services, returns, the cash office, and store sales contests. Peter is a people pleaser, very upbeat, and he likes to get to know each of his customers. He feels his excellent interpersonal skills allow him to maintain the stores level of “Fast, Fun, and Friendly” service with all customers, or “guests,” as they are referred to by the store.

Many of the guests who come into the store know ask for Peter when shopping because of his excellent service. Most of the guests who visit this store come from local wealthy suburbs. Some of these customers are stay-at-home moms; however, a majority are young business professionals who are not used to taking “no” for an answer.


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The only real choice that this firm has is to try to get more of its employees to be like Peter.  There are at least two ways to do this.

One way to do this would be to be more careful in their hiring.  They might try to be sure that they are hiring people with similar personalities to Peter’s.  Of course, they have probably already been trying to do this.

The second would be to have Peter be in charge of training new hires.  If Peter is that good at the job, he should be able to train others to be as good or nearly as good.  This would give the firm more employees who would do a really great job of customer service.

What the firm might then do is to ensure that Peter introduces the new employees to customers who are asking for him by name.  He might explain to the “guests” that he is no longer involved in direct customer service.  That way, none of them will feel insulted because he is helping others but not them.  He can introduce them to the new employees and have him tell them that he has trained them and that the new employees will do a great job of helping them.  This way, the customers will still get good service and they will hopefully not feel annoyed at having to take “no” for an answer.

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