how many hours did student ideal to have going internet a day?i love chatting with my friend , i was using chatwing live chat, sometimes i was not aware that i was doing chatting almost a couple of...

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As both a student and an internet addict, I really want to say that 4-5 hours online is completely acceptable. However, this is not true. If work needs to be done on the computer, then the only boundary is that it should be done within the time frame from when it was assigned to when it is due. Even in this case, breaks should be taken every 45 minutes to an hour because staring at a screen for too long is bad for your eyes.

The best idea is to be on the computer no longer than 30 minutes for recreational use. Some people might say that the best idea would be to never use the computer for anything other than work, but within today’s society this is completely unreasonable. The internet is used not only to watch videos or to play games, but it is also the main way for teenagers to communicate. -Not at all- is just as bad as -too much.-

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