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In Romeo and Juiiet, how is Juliet Introduced to the audience?I really need help with...

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In Romeo and Juiiet, how is Juliet Introduced to the audience?

I really need help with this question. Its really hard and i got a D in my last draft of it and have been trying to improve it ever since. Im targeted a C and i really need to reach that for year 11 at school. Please can anyone help me.


The acts that we use are

act 1 scene 2

act 1 scene 3

act 1 scene 5

we have to add them into the document somehow. and put a conclusion in it as well. Fairly big. My teacher says it has to be 4 pages long at the least. Im stuck please can someone help me out ?



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The best way to approach this is to carefully look at Juliet in each of scenes.  What she says and what she does tell a lot about her.  Also, what do others say about her and what is their relationship to her.

For example, in Act I, scene 2 we are introduced to Juliet through the conversation between her father, Lord Capulet, and the young suitor, Paris.  We learn Juliet's age and her father's wish to wait two more years before marrying her off.  It would appear that Lord Capulet does not want to rush into getting her married because he also wants her to love the man she marries and that will take time.  That evening's party at the Capulet's is a perfect time for her to meet Paris.

In Act I, scene 3, we meet Juliet herself.  We learn more about her from both the Nurse, Lady Capulet and from Juliet herself.   Her mother encourages her to think of marriage and tells her about Paris.  The Nurse encourages her also.   How does Juliet feel about it? 

Act I, scene 5 aka the party scene is where the young couple meet.  Romeo has attended looking for Rosaline but instead sees Juliet.  Since it is a masked ball, their attraction is not just physical.  They seem drawn to each other.  Their first words are an extended metaphor  in sonnet form which Romeo begins and Juliet continues.  Juliet goes in a matter of hours from a young girl perhaps daydreaming about love and marriage to meeting a young man who seems to complete her.  They are on the same page, so to speak.

What you now need to do is to come up with a strong statement about Juliet and use specific lines from the scenes to prove what you are saying.

Hope this helps you.   

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