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 How involved are you in signals intelligence, and is this an area of growth for you...

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 How involved are you in signals intelligence, and is this an area of growth for you and your company? (If not give an example of signals intelligence and what steps you would take to counter this threat?)

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Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is electronic messages and messages from radar and weapons systems. The most common use of signals intelligence is in governments for internal security purposes. It is possible for other countries to intercepted SIGINT in order to gain intelligence. The Department of Defense defines signals intelligence as:

(DOD) 1. A category of intelligence comprising either individually or in combination all communications intelligence, electronic intelligence, and foreign instrumentation signals intelligence, however transmitted.
Source: JP 2-0

It is only recently that SIGINT has entered the conversation about security in business so it is likely that most businesses are not involved at this stage with SIGINT activity, either on the offensive or defensive side.

In government, in order to counteract signals intelligence, encrypted messages are used. This technology can be adapted to business. This would really only work with letters, files, or written notes.

Computers can always be hacked. Keeping confidential or classified information from being transferred on computers could help in stopping some electronic interceptions.

For the most part, every time a new code is made, new ways to break the code are made as well. Codes must be disposable (meaning new codes need to be created for each message).


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