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How could you increase and improve the ambiguity and multiple interpretations of a...

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How could you increase and improve the ambiguity and multiple interpretations of a painting?

Please apply your answer to pop art or contemporary art in general. It would also be great if you could add some other example from a different style/movement.

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When I first read your question, I interpreted it as, “how do I increase the level of ambiguity in a painting to encourage multiple interpretations?”  I had a whole answer planned out that involved advising you to use repetition to make people question why you did it.  I also was planning to recommend that you imbue colors that don’t make sense into depictions of emotional situations, for example painting a joyful scenario all in blue, or an angry scenario in pastel yellows and pinks.

Upon reading your question a second time, I see that you could mean “how do I remove the ambiguity from a painting to discourage multiple interpretations,” and it just so happens that I have some advice for that too.  I think it all starts with decisiveness and a clear idea.  Figure out the exact conclusion you want your viewer to reach, and then make specific decisions to lead them to that conclusion.  Use color choice, rendering style, texture choice, line quality, subject matter, etc… to make sure the viewer ends up with the correct interpretation.  If you choose not to do this you run the risk of your work being deemed unsuccessful in a college level critique situation.


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The first interpretation is the correct one, i'm sorry for my bad english. Thank you for your advise, i think i know what you mean with the college level critique situation, my mentor is also warn me with something similiar with your advise. It's mostly because i need to prove that i know all of the knowledge that is necessary in the art world, but it's actually for my personal research about something like crossing a multiple movement to forge my own style.

I agree with you, irony and repetition is absolutely what we will be thinking first when we talk about pop art due to it's sinicm about mass production, pop culture lifestyle, etc. But i will also need another example, contemporary and perhaps another one like romanticism, realism, etc.

The point is, i don't want my painting end up with a dull text (contemporary literature theory), and has nothing else to do but to become a wall decoration, it will become an applyed art(design) if the painting goes like that, isn't it?

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