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how important is studying about the effect of the intensity of light in attracting...

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liani | Student, Undergraduate | eNotes Newbie

Posted September 28, 2008 at 11:18 PM via web

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how important is studying about the effect of the intensity of light in attracting fish?

i mean, we have this on going study/research that was quiet in need of that certain answer, actually we are trying to show what is the specific light intensity that you can attract fish that you can not make them stressful?

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sararyder | Middle School Teacher | eNotes Newbie

Posted November 3, 2008 at 8:54 AM (Answer #1)

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Light is extremely important for fish for many of the same reasons it is important to us.  Fish need light for orientation and to help establish metobolic patterns.  One of the main reasons it is extremely important is to help establish their preferred environment.  A tropical fish needs extreme amounts of sunlight due to the need of light to feed corals and other aquatic life.  They use the plants for oxygen and food sources.  If you are studying a bottom feeder they need much less light due to the fact they typically scavage and will be more acclimated to darker areas. At times excessive light be be extremely challenging in maintaining fish due to stress related diseases such as ICH.  This is not only caused by light but also extreme changes in temperature and primarily a bacterial/parasite transfer among fish or the environment.

In all light will be extremely indusive to stress for fish that are made for bottom dwelling such as poor vision and typically lighter colors.  Fish that are made and used to light will due just fine and it would take constant light to induce extreme stress.

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