How is Helmholtz Watson different from other Alphas?

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In this book, we are told that Bernard Marx is a little less than what you would expect Alphas to be.  He's too short and too dark.  His friend Helmholtz Watson is just exactly the opposite.  He is just a bit too good -- he stands out because he's better than the rest.

He's tall and good looking just like he is supposed to be, but he is also too smart.  That is what really gets him in trouble.  He's too smart so he thinks too much. As we are told in Chapter 4, towards the end

"Able," was the verdict of his superiors. "Perhaps, (and they would shake their heads, would significantly lower their voices) "a little too able."


That ends up getting him sent to Iceland.

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Helmholtz Watson is the opposite of Bernard Marx. He is tall and handsome and stands out because he is too smart.

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