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How have internationalists tried to resolve poverty, disease and debt?I'm really stuck,...

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How have internationalists tried to resolve poverty, disease and debt?

I'm really stuck, it also says the enviroment , human rights and conflit. The only things I can think of are things like food stamps, charitys, the world bank, peacekeeping etc you know things that have been done to help.

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I guess I'm not sure why you don't like what you have so far.  With the exception of food stamps (which are a domestic program) I think what you have is fine.

What I think you need to think about is what that stuff has in common.  That is, it is all stuff that multiple countries (or NGOs that come from outside the countries that need help) are trying to get together to help (or force) the "needy" countries to solve their problems.  This is a very internationalist way of doing things -- they think that the problems are important to all countries and they think that many countries should have a hand in fixing the problems.

So, all of the things internationalists are trying to do to fix these problems involve cooperation by many countries to try to fix things.  This is really the core of what internationalists want to do.

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