How does this story show that destruction is a form of creation in "The Destructors"?My teacher was explaining how this story was about how destruction forms creation but I don't understand how...

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Destruction is a form of creation because when you destroy one thing, you create something else.  When Blackie's gang is destroyed, T's gang is created.

In this story, a gang of boys are reacting to the devastation and loss of World War II in an interesting way.  In a bombed-out lot, one house still stands.  An old man lives in the house alone.  When the old man goes away, the gang of boys decides to destroy his house, “like worms” in an apple. 

The leader of the gang, Blackie, is trying to hold onto his position of control by accepting the new boy, Trevor’s, suggestion to destroy the house.

It was the end of his leadership… Blackie was dimly aware of the fickleness of favour.

The destruction of Blackie’s gang was also the creation of T’s gang.  While Blackie’s gang did nothing but hang out and pinch rides, T’s gang destroyed the old man’s house.

The destruction caused by the war created the gang, and their destructive personality.  When the boys destroy the old man’s house, this to creates something—a homeless man.  Thus, you cannot destroy without creating.  Of course, you have to understand "create" as make something different (make something changed) instead of as make something good or new or beautiful.


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