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how does this book express an Augustinian worldview?I have to do a paper on how the...

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how does this book express an Augustinian worldview?

I have to do a paper on how the book expresses an Augustinian worldview. But I don't know where to start. I was thinking of the dialogue about euthanasia. Or maybe focusing on a couple of characters in particular who express Augustine's ideas. I'm just not sure where to begin.

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One of the general tenants of St. Augustine's (354-430) worldview was that of a linear historical process -- that the Divine plan for Mankind would unfold as it would, directed by the divinity.  This was in contrast to the earlier pagan philosophers who viewed, through the example of nature, a cyclical process of dying and rebirth.

Augustine's City of God promotes the concept that the whole of the human race will inhabit either the City of God, or the Earthly city of the damned. As the novel finishes, one can only conclude that all of humanity was in the latter and not the former as the world once again is destroyed in nuclear war.  The fact of destruction, recovery and destruction once again, however, is an ironic reversal -- Mankind repeats the cycle, rather than progresses in the Divine Plan.


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