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How does the social context in "Romeo and Juliet" affect the lives of...

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How does the social context in "Romeo and Juliet" affect the lives of characters in the play to lead up to the events in act 3 scene 1?

I have had a go to answer this paragraph but my tutor says that i need to expand.

looking at the law, expectations and social conventions which governed the lives of people at that time/place

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In Romeo and Juliet, the characters are governed by their social and societal rules. The Montague and Capulet families are at war and have been for many years. Most do not remember why this war began but everyone abides by the feud. Romeo, Juliet and their friends and family will stop at nothing to continue this fight. This is best demonstrated by Tybalt's vicious raid on the Montagues and the fight that ends his and Mercutio's lives. 

The city of Verona is outraged by this feud, especially the Prince. He orders that the Montagues and Capulets stop their fighting immediately and states that anyone caught fighting will be punished.

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