How does Shakespeare's text The Merchant of Venice refer to human condition How does the Merchant of Venice involve the human condition?  Also whose the hero in the script and what are he/she...

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One major flaw that is part of the human condition is greed.  It seems to be human nature to be greedy.  No one is ever satisfied with what they have.  They always want more.  People will manipulate others in order to get what they want, without really caring about the impact on the people. That to me is the definition of greed.

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One place to start putting together an answer is to compare the clown's monologue that begins "Certainly my conscience will serve me to run"(Act 2, scene 2) to Friar Laurence's monologue that begins "The grey-eyed morn"(ROMEO AND JULIET, Act 2, scene 3).

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