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how does shakespeare introduce the theme of contrast in act 1?

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how does shakespeare introduce the theme of contrast in act 1?

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Shakespeare shows the theme of contrast by comparing the two main couples of the play: Hero and Claudio, and Beatrice and Benedick. The relationship of the two marriages are very different, and this gives insight into the theme of contrast.

Hero and Claudio represent a more traditional marriage: Hero is obedient, shy and feminine, and Claudio is strong, manly and dominant. It is clearly a patriarchal relationship, and the role of women is clearly defined in their marriage; Hero is owned by Claudio. She is his asset.

However, Benedick and Beatrice's relationship contrasts. Beatrice is much more independent, outspoken, intelligent and witty than her good friend, Hero. She also possesses 'man like' qualities, such as the ability to wish death upon another, and the idea of being deceptive and revengeful. Benedick and Beatrice's marriage is unpredictable - it is unclear whether or not it will last, and Shakespeare indicates this with them quarreling at the end by exchanging insults yet again!

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