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How do Scout and Jem Finch use the three lessons taught by Atticus throughout...

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How do Scout and Jem Finch use the three lessons taught by Atticus throughout the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.  

Im supposed to write an essay about the lessons taught by Atticus and how they are used in the novel. The lessons I am writing about are: 1.Not to pre-judge people (standing in another persons shoe). 2. Not to hurt the innocent ("the Mockingbird lesson". 3. Not to make rigid decisions (Not sure about this one)

I must use these lessons as given by the teacher. Can someone explain these lessons and possibly give me three examples. Any help would be great Thanks.

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THE INNOCENT.  Scout and Jem both see the terrible crime that has been committed against Tom Robinson, and his fateful end hangs over them like a cloud. They eventually see the light when it comes to Boo Radley, and they realize that their previous beliefs about him--as well as the his other detractors in Maycomb--were wrong.

PRE-JUDGING.  Scout learns this lesson about her preconceived notions concerning Walter Cunningham Jr. Jem comes to realize that Mrs. Dubose has reasons for her mean-spirited nature. And they both realize their error in assuming Boo was some kind of ghoul.

RIGID LESSONS.  Scout discovers the hard way about the imperfection of her teachers, Miss Caroline and Miss Gates. Jem finds out that their secret knothole has been cemented specifically for the purpose of eliminating Boo's only way of contact. Jem also learns his lesson about losing his temper when he spends a long month reading to Mrs. Dubose as punishment.

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