How does Ralph react to the first hunt in which he takes part? What game do the boys play after the hunt in Lord of the Flies?

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In chapter 7, Ralph partakes of his first hunt.  The boys encounter a boar and Ralph hits it with his spear but does not kill or even stop the pig.  Ralph is exhilarated that he hit the pig and repeatedly tells the boys that he hit it.  He feels the thrill of the hunt and he wants the others to know that he has contributed, or at least tried to contribute, to the well-being of the boys.  He has felt frustration because the boys haven't built good huts and hut-building was his command.  The hunters have been successful and have provided meat already, so Ralph wants to feel like he is bringing something to the boys as well.  Jack manages to get hurt by the boar which makes him the focus of the boys' attention thus taking attention away from Ralph in his self-perceived moment of glory.  The game that the boys play is to mimic hunting and finding a pig, using one of the littluns as the pig.  They become so stirred-up by their play that they become vicious in their attacks against the boy pretending to be the pig and nearly inflict serious and life-threatening harm to him.  This is foreshadowing for what happens later with Simon and it shows the inner savagery of the boys and how far they have fallen from civilization.

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