How does Mr. Raymond defend his deliberate appearance of drunkenness?  

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Mr. Raymond reveals that he is not really a drunk--he intentionally appears to be drunk so that people will leave him alone.  As a white man who has a relationship and children with a black woman, Dolphus Raymond knows that he and his family would face unrelenting persecution if he simply defied Maycomb's "social" standards.  Therefore, in order to live his life how he wants to live it, he pretends to be drunk.  The residents of Maycomb fall for his sham by seeing him as the eccentric town drunk.

Dolphus Raymond is another one of Lee's logical, objective characters--one who does not fall prey to Maycomb's tradition of racism and prejudice.  Besides Atticus, Heck Tate, Miss Maudie, and Link Deas are similar characters who are able to look past skin color to see someone's real character.

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Mr Raymond just acts drunk so other people will leave him alone, this is because he is white but his wife is black. He is aware that because of the mentality in Maycomb, if he lets everyone know how things are the family would have been disgraced since it was a mix culture situation. The question of race comes up a lot in this book as it regards how others are viewed differently because their race and how this creates issues in the town. 

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