In "Fahrenheit 451", how does Montag escape from the hound? Where does he hide?

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Montag goes to Faber for help in escaping the search party.  He and Faber trick the hound by confusing Montag's scent.  Faber is to go to St. Louis on a bus, and Montag runs from the searchers, including the hound.  Montag reaches the river and wades into the middle of the river.  The mixed scent Montag gave off and reaching to the water saves his life.  The hound can't venture into the water and he loses the scent.  The search party turns back toward the city and Montag goes into the forest.

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It is important to note that Montag had to escape from the hound on two separate occasions. The first instance was after Montag killed Beatty and the mechanical hound pounced on him. Immediately after the hound stabbed Montag with the needle, he used the flame gun to blow it up into pieces. After this, he walked to his colleague’s house where he planted books and phoned the alarm so as to divert the helicopters that were surveying from the sky. He made his way to Faber’s house where he learned from Faber’s small telescreen that a new mechanical hound from a different district had arrived to hunt him down. Knowing the spectacular power of the hound in detecting odors, Faber served the two of them whiskey that would help mask Montag’s odor.

Before leaving Faber’s house, Montag instructed Faber to burn everything he had touched in the incinerator and wipe all the furniture and door knobs with alcohol. In addition to that, Faber was to turn the air conditioner to maximum and use moth spray to rid the air of any trace of Montag. Outside, Faber was to turn on the sprinklers in his lawn to clean the sidewalks on which Montag walked to and from the house. He also carried the remaining whiskey, Faber’s dirty clothes, socks and sneakers in a tightly closed suitcase to change into later.

After Montag had left, Faber did as required of him and got rid of any trace of Montag in his compound or house. Once Montag had left Faber’s house, he ran to the river where he undressed, splashed himself with the whiskey, drunk some and then changed into Faber’s clothes. His old clothes were washed away by the river and so was he. On spotting the helicopters’ lights hovering above the river, he knew the hound had got to the river and so he submerged himself in the water until they retreated. Montag was pushed further and further away to safety. That is how he managed to escape from the mechanical hounds on both occasions.


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