How does the metephor "All you need is stones" pertain to Partriagani movement?"All you need is stones, If you have enough stones and the water is shallow enough, you can build a...

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The Partriagiani Movement was a resistance force in Italyduring WWII, fighting underground against Mussolini, the fascists, and the Axis powers. The phrase recalls several events, which accrue into the final metaphor.  “Water” signifies Venice, the home of the two boys, and it also reminds us of Enzo bathing in the river, which causes him to be discovered a Jew when someone sees he is circumcised. As enotes points out (see link below), “Stones will always speak to Roberto of [Napoli], a friend who wove him tales old and new, and the stones to build himself anew.” More broadly, “stones”  refer to both Roberto and Enzo as  well as everyone else who joins the partigiani movement to rebuild the country after the war. Altogether, the metaphor suggests the determination and spirit necessary to rebuild their country after the devastation of the war. With enough people with the strength and spirit such as that of Roberto, anything is possible.

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