How does Jon Krakauer organize the text of Into The Wild?


Into the Wild

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Into the Wild is structured into chapters, with each chapter headed by quotes, diary entries, and postcards from Chris McCandless; these help define the themes of each chapter, as well as providing a better look into Chris's mind. The book itself is mainly composed of interviews with people who knew or met Chris, with Jon Krakauer acting as reader-surrogate and interviewer. The interviews are not presented as audio transcripts, but as conversations inside prose describing the countryside, the people, Krakauer's thoughts, and other pertinent information. This allows the somewhat dry Q/A style to flow easier for the reader. The book is straightforward non-fiction, with no invented elements; Krakauer also includes a story of his own experience climbing that he feels relates to the text, with the intention of humanizing Chris through his own shared obstacles.


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